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Halal Income or Haraam?


Asalam o alaikum,

I wanted to discuss one thing with you and require your assistance under the Islamic law whether my friends is earning halal income or Haram.

He work with a company who deals in bulk commodities (not in transportation business, like their business is sell commodity only and arrange the transport if customer ask not earn money by transportation), this business involves lot of transportation because every customer order have to move via trucks,

one of my colleague job is to sell the commodity and arrange the transport for the customer if customer ask (keeping in mind transportation is not his company business company just accommodate customers if they ask for transport as well). what he does, he book the truck on less price and give little higher rates to customer keeping his margin (customer pay the given carriage amount to truck driver directly), In some cases he return a portion of his margin to company (like if he kept his margin 200 rs he return half of the amount to company through transporter (officially), i mean officially return to company to give them look that i have saved 100 on transportation for company so it mean company sell the commodity at invoiced price and get extra amount (100 rs) on it and in some cases he does not give anything to company kept all amount for himself and in some cases he return full amount to company.

My question is whether his act is okay as per Islamic law or not as he is investing his efforts to negotiate rates with transporter and company took the liability of the commodity until reach to the factory please advise in both cases either company and friend both earnings are haram or halal,

would he use this amount for himself if the deed is okay or not?

Awaiting your soonest reply

Regards Sajid


Wa alaykum Salaam.

as an employee, if it is your responsibility set by the company, to arrange for the transportation of the goods, then you can not keep a profit margin for yourself, since you are already receiving your wage from the company.  However, if the company states that it is okay for you to keep personal profit from the transportation, then the money earned from the profit is halaal.

Saqalain Abbas Alawi