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Can I restart my clinic


A Salam o alaikum
I am a doctor by profession. I was in my clinic when few patients made some problems regarding consultation number. The problem was so intense that I had to leave my clinic as a protest. The patient forcefully tried to make me sit again but they could not do so as I said so in anger “my wife will be divorced 1000 times on me if I see a patient in that city let alone that clinic from now onward in my life. I said this 3 times within a span of 30mins.”

I am very unhappy at what I did but it just happened first time in 40years. Patients of that area want me to start my clinic there so as I.

Can I restart my clinic there without keeping my nikah in danger.



Waalykum salam

Yes, you can resume work.
It has nothing to do with you breaking your Nikah.

Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery