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Marriage & Remarriage


Salamun alaikum,

I married in 2011, after 1 year due to some lack of understanding and problems, I given divorce to my wife having one Kid(boy), and I married to other girl in 2012. My first wife did not married after I given divorce to her and she is staying with my son(4 years old now) at her parent’s home.

Now, I feel like the mistake was from my side and said sorry to her and to Allah for my mistake. and my first wife is ready to re-marry with me.

1. Can I re-marry to my first wife?

2. Do I require permission of my second wife to remarry with my first wife?

3. What, if my second wife disagree and leaves me if I remarry ?

Please help me to solve this problem. Allah Hafiz.


Salaam alaikum

1. Based on what you have mentioned you can marry your ex-wife.
2. If she is Muslim you don’t need permission of your second wife
3. This is not easy and you should think carefully as its a challenge that requires justice to both wives etc

She is not allowed to leave you because of this.


Sh Mohammed

(One has to abide by the law of land in which he/she resides.)