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Referring to a Non-Muslim Psychologist



Iv had problems with my intimacy life for 10 years, iv taken a call after being tortured mentally. my father in law wants us to get back together. so he has consulted a non Muslim psychologist.

how much of information can i share? Can i make full use of the opportunity or should i hold back on information and give only minimal info??

JazakAllah Khair for ur kind help!! My appointment is day after tomorrow. Kindly consider this question as urgent.

Regards, A sister in Islam


Alaykum Salaam

There is no harm in referring to a non-muslim psychologist. He/she could provide you with useful tips in order to better your relationship with your husband. Your relationship is important and so is your mental wellbeing, so even if you have to reveal certain intimate matters for help, it is permissible.
However, it is best if you and your husband both can go to the Psychologist, so that the effort to improve the situation comes from both sides.