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Can I object if my husband wants to marry the girl he cheated with?


My husband cheated with a Sunni girl and he is still intouch with her and expressed he wants to do Nikah with her.

We have 3 kids and I want to know if I can object? She has been trying to break our relationship up since I found out about it.
Also is it Islamically allowed for him to stay intouch and promise her to get married to her? She is not married.


Salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

The problem you are facing has many aspects and answering each of them needs many details of your marital life; which We don’t have. So, We just focus on answers to the questions you elaborated.

Even though second marriage is allowed in Islam, it doesn’t mean you cannot object to it because it is something Mostahab (in best) . Also, it is not Haram to block and object against doing so. However you should know that it as a rule in Islam which has its rules and conditions. (but you are thinking it is not suitabled for your situation, kindly refer to the links provided below :

My husband want to have a second wife but I dont want to. Can I divorce him?

Can I marry another woman if My first wife isn’t dead nor did she give me permission?

Your second question, it is not allowed for Namahrams to be intimate in conversations and joke around. If someone wants to do Nikah he can go for proposal and they can discuss their issues. In that sitting however there should be a formal conduct without any joke and inappropriate discussions.

What I read between these lines is that you are not ok with your husband getting married again because you think it is unfair to you. Such problems must be considered in a proper sitting with an Alim who knows about marriage consulting. An email does not have the capacity for it, more so because the information we have about your situation is very limited. So you excuse us if we missed anything out.

Best regards!

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