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Can I move to my Husbands house without rukhsati and walima


I got nikaahfied last year, under strange family didnt want me to get married because I am a doctor and they wanted me to pursue my career first. Due to pressure of in laws and ofcourse, my will they did our nikaah so that my husband takes my transfer on iqama as I was living there then (saudi Arabia) and my father doesnt have to bear my expense. Since then, my husband is looking after my every minor to major need. But whenever in laws or.husband talk about rukhsati, they delay it. Like they dont want to talk about it. My question is , can I and my husband live together & plan our life according to our will because Rukhsati hasnt taken place neither has walima . What to do in such circumstances ? Should I move in with husband ? Or wait for my father to decide, what can he do ? (My mother passed away 6 years back) . And father is least concerned for these things, though he is stable financially.

Salam Alikum
Thank You for your question.
Your Nikah if not temporarily done, is sufficient for you to.move in and live with your husband even if there hasn’t been a rukhsati done. It is an official contract to suffice your being a legal wife for your husband.  If your families haven’t come to terms with this issue, then unfortunately it is their own problem and you have to try and explain them so that you maintain good relationship with them in future. This is specially for your parents and your husbands parents too .  If your husband wants to live together, then you have to oblige because he being your legal husband now has a right over you and vice versa.
We tend to make things complicated by following some.common norms, although at times, circumstances dont allow us due to the limitations some might face.  Take it a step at a time and try resolving as much as possible before moving in, by cajoling both your families into a small gathering of your near and dear ones with a simple celebration and a walimo if possible. inshAllah everything done with a Godly intention will go through smoothly.
Salma Khalfan.