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Can i marry my Aunt’s grand daughter? / Cousins Daughter ?


I like a girl and want to marry her, she is daughter of my cousin. But there,s matter that her father,s sister (my cousin)has breastfed both of us
Are we sibling??
Can we marry eachother???


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Kindly refer to the link below to see all the conditions of breastfeeding.

According to your Question, you mentioned that you were only fed once. This according to the law below does not make you Mahram to the generations of your aunt to follow.

7. the child must be breastfed to the extent that its bones become firm by the milk and the milk has made the flesh of his body grow. If it is not known whether the child has been breastfed to this extent or not, in the event that the child breastfeeds to its fill for one day and one night or fifteen times in accordance with the next ruling, it is sufficient. However, if it is known that the milk has not had an effect on making the bones firm and on growing the flesh of the child’s body even though the child breastfed for one day and one night or fifteen times, then obligatory precaution must be observed; i.e. in such a case, the child must not marry [those who would become maḥram to him by means of breastfeeding] and nor must he look at them as maḥrams would;

Hence you can marry your cousin niece. Unless there is more specification(s) that you haven’t mentioned in your query.

Also, having any relation (including physical) is haram with a non-Mahram.


3Question: Can I be in a friendly relationship with a girl in my class.
Answer: All kinds of relations with a non-mahram including joking, expressing mutual love, talking with the intention of deriving pleasure, looking at the body of a girl (except her face and hands up to the wrists) and at her hair or looking at her face with pleasure are haram (forbidden). In fact, if it is feared that they might fall into a sin, it is forbidden for them to have any kinds of relationship with each other.

May Allah guide us all towards Him .

Kind regards