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Can I give Haq Mehar to my wife in cash rather than gold that was decided during our marriage after our divorce.


I got married in 2020 and put 6 tola gold as Haq mehar for my wife unfortunately after several attempts and every possible effort my marriage is failed and decide to give Talaq to my wife. My question here is i gave 6 tola gold as haq mehar (Moajal) to my wife but for security purpose it was kept in bank locker after the divorce process i will handout all of my wife belongings to her and the gold as well. But i want to give her money instead of gold. So my question here is am i liable to pay her cash according to the current value of gold today or will it be calculated according to the gold cost back then when i purchased it at the time of marriage?

Furthermore do i have to give her something additional too other than Haq mehar? Kindly please guide on this issue.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

If your wife accepts to get the money instead of Gold, then you can pay her money but if she refuses then only Gold has to be given.

In case if she agrees to receive the money instead of Gold, then it should be according to the current value of gold and not when you had married.

You have to give whatever was written in the Mahr(dowry) and return other things which belongs to her.

If intercourse has taken place then the whole Mahr(dowry) has to be paid but if intercourse has not taken place, then half of the dowry should be paid.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider