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Can I Recite This for All Problems?


I was going through a websight of wazifas my question is can i do that wazifa which include

– 11 time darood -1000 time bismila hirah man nirahim -11 time darood

For solving all the problems etc

Plz plz plz help me should i start this wazifa or not

I hope you will reply



You may do the Wazifa but it’s always best to check whether it is coming from an authentic source, because if any Wazifa is not based on Quran and authentic hadith, it may not have much value (apart from being allowed to do with the intention of getting the pleasure of Allah (swt).)

For example: one of the authentic narrations about increasing rizq is to recite Suratul Waqiah after Isha Namaz before going to sleep. This is based on some RIWAYAT which is accepted by many scholars.

With Salaams and Duas

Mirza Noorul Hasan,