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Hajj Despite Debts


Dear Sirs, I am writing for guidance on a personal issue me and my dear wife are facing. My wife and I both work. Her salary is always hers to keep and I as the man of the house pay for all utilities and expenses for the both of us. We made the intention of performing hajj this year (inshAllah) but unfortunately at this point, I am unable to support her or myself for the expenses of Hajj. My generous wife willingly wants to pay for my hajj and for hers. I would request you to kindly guide if my wife pays for Hajj (willingly) for the both of us to perform Hajj, will that hajj be counted as legit for me? (we have read and understand that Hajj is now fard on her independently since she has sufficient money to perform) Points to also note : – I have a car loan for the next 4 years. – I also had taken a loan for my sisters wedding and this loan will be paid off by september this year. further to above information, as per current status with my job , I am able to and solvent to continue paying for loan installments myself. your guidance will be highly appreciated.


Salamun Alaykum

Yes if you receive this gift then Haj becomes Wajib on you providing that you have no outstanding loans which are being demanded in full at this time. Paying debts through pre-agreed instalments is OK.

May Allah accept your a’mal and reward your wife amply for her generosity.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer