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Priority in Inheritance


A.a wr wb Today my question is If I have little inheritance and I have 4 daughters…. 3 married and well to do and 1 divorcee and depending on me… do I have to divide my inheritance to all my children or if I wish I can give it to only child who is dependent?


1] You can dispose off, during your lifetime, whatever you wish to and to whomever you desire.

2] The Islamic Shari’a has given you the right to dispose-off one-third of your Estate in the manner you determine provided it does not contravene the Shari’a. The right to dispose-off the one-third of your Estate can be implemented only if such a provision is made in your Will.

3] The balance two-thirds will have to be distributed according to the dictates of the Shari’a.

4] If you die intestate (without leaving a Will), then your entire estate will be distributed according to the laid down guidelines of the Shari’ah.

Yusuf Kermalli