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Can I ask for a particular person in jannah?


Asalamualekum. My question is that if a woman ask for some person other than her husband (different person for example in looks or so) to be made for her in jannah. Is it permissible to ask that? In jannah a person is granted anything they want so what if a woman wants some other person as her partner. Can she wish for that?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Jannah is a different realm than the one we are living in at the moment. In jannah you get what you sow here.  Hence, InshaAllah whatever you invest here is exactly what you will be granted there but in abundance. Something small done in this world has larger impact in the next.

Having said that, Jannah is not like this dunya  specifically it’s material or physical aspect. And since no one has seen it yet, we can’t further comment. However, there is no harm in asking Allah (az) to grant you with the best in both the worlds InshaAllah.