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can do niyaz majlis from khums


Salam, I would like to know from Shia Aalim Sb and brothers in your foundation that can i do Panjatan Pak A.S. Niyaz or Majlis from my Khums amount. If yes, are there any limit or can you elaborate the details how and how much i can spend. For Example my yearly saving is RS 100,000 so my Khums will be 20 % that is RS 20,000, kindly correct me if i am wrong. So if you can tell me how much i can spend from RS 20,000 so it will give me an idea and i can then calculate on my actual Khums.


Waalaykum Salaam,

Kindly refer to this link: Rulings on Zakat

Mas’alah No. 1843. Khums should be divided into two parts. One part is Sehme Sadaat, it should be given to a Sayyid who is poor, or orphan, or who has become stranded without money during his journey. The second part is Sehme Imam (A.S.), and during the present time it should be given to a Mujtahid, who fulfils all conditions, or be spent for such purposes as allowed by that Mujtahid. As an obligatory precaution, that Mujtahid must be Aalam, and well versed in public affairs.

You must have your Marja’s permission before you spend the khums money else where.

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