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can Blasphemy be forgiven


Can Allah forgive a person who has committed blasphemy even being a muslim



Salaamun Alaykum

Thank you for your question. It has been mentioned explicitly in numerous places in the Holy Qur’an, ahadith and the dua’s we recite that Allah’s mercy and forgiveness supercedes His wrath and anger. Allah is always ‘looking for an excuse’ to forgive our sins and faults. Allah can certainly forgive any and all sins, however, the conditions for forgiveness must be met. As per our traditions, the conditions for forgiveness are:

1. To sincerely regret and feel remorse for committing the sin in the first place
2. To have a firm determination and reslove never to commit the sin again
3. To return the rights of all those whose rights were taken as a result of the sin

A person who fulfils these conditions will surely be forgiven.

Fi Amanillah