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Is my Wudhu/ablution accepted?


Assalam alaikum.
I have a query for my relative. She is an 86yo lady. Recently she fell down and received multiple fractures in her body especially the hip joint. Now the doctors have requested her to be careful when moving around and using the bathroom. She is home alone during the day. That means she has no one to help her perform her ablution/wudhu. She goes to the bathroom and performs all farz of wudhu except for washing her feet because she cannot lift them upto the wash basin. And since we live in America, so bathrooms here are made up of wood so u cannot splash water on it either. Like washing your feet with a jug on the bathroom floor. And since she is so old aged and recently hurt herself, she cannot bend down to wash her feet with her wet hands either. She asked me to ask someone that if she can perform Tayammum on her feet and if her prayers would be accepted. I firmly believe Allah knows our intentions and He knows what’s in our hearts. He would be accepting all her prayers. But just to clear it to her, i want your views on this.


Walikum Salam
Thank you for your question.
According to the Risalah of Ayat Sistani.

677. If a person fears that if he uses water his life will be endangered, or he will suffer from some ailment or physical defect, or the illness from which he is already suffering will be prolonged, or become acute or some complications may arise in its treatment, he should perform tayammum. However, if he can avoid the harm by using warm water, he should prepare warm water and do Wudhu, or Ghusl when it is necessary.

678. It is not necessary to be absolutely certain that water is harmful to him. If he feels that there is a probability of harm, and if that probability is justified by popular opinion, giving cause for some fear, then he should do tayammum.


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