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can Abortion be considered due to wife sickness


My wife is 6/7 weeks pregnant. She suffers from a condition called Hyperemsis Gravidarum HG which is a severe form of sickness. This results in being sick more than 30 times in a day and dehydration, etc. She has been hospitalised from this condition already. Is there a ruling on this if we considered an abortion?



Salaam Alaykum,

Question: Is a mother allowed to abort the feotus, if she does not want it while the soul has not yet entered it and there is no serious danger to the mother’s life?

Answer: She is not allowed to do that, except if the continuation of the pregnancy would considerably harm her health or put her in an unbearable difficulty, then it is permissible before the soul enters the feoutus (i.e. the fourth month)
Sukaina Taqavi