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Can a women who has taken khula before get married to a person without parents consent?


If a khullafied lady seeks nikkah with a person she desires without the knowledge of her parents,can she go for it without the wali?

If no then who can be the wali because she can’t tell anyone in the family and has to do online nikkah?


Bismihi Ta’ala,

Salam Alaykum,

According to the office of Ayatullah Sistani in Qom, if the previous marriage was consummated (meaning, she is no longer a virgin), then the permission of the parents is not required.  She will be considered an independent person and does not need any wali to marry. However, if it was not, then she should get the permission of her parents to marry. I hope that helps. We should be mindful that a civil court Khula is not valid in our fiqh and that’s why the lady should have taken a full conditioned Khula with the complete procedure and then only she’s able to get marry for another time.

InshaAllah We hope this assists.

With thanks and regards

Sayyid Shiraz