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Can a woman be divorced on the basis of nothing and marry me…


I am in a relationship with a married guy , he has a son . We both are in love and wants to get married . I have asked him to divorce his wife but he is waiting for visa as his wife is British. As per British law you cant have two wives at the same time and I dont want to keep myself as a second wife because I wont be having any rights over him . His relationship with his wife is ok . So can he divorce his wife on basis of nothing and marry me … What is the Islamic ruling on it ? Thank you


Wa alaykum Salam

Thank you for your question.

I understand that you have developed emotions for that man and want to spend your life with him without any hindrance.

But dear sister, in this world it has never been possible for humans to achieve whatever they want. There are times we have to sacrifice our likes and wants for a greater purpose. I think If you put yourself in his first wife’s place, you will be able to think better. Have you ever thought about what will she have to endure after her husband leaves her? What will happen to his son who will have to grow up without one of his parents?

Apart from that it is a major sin to spoil the relationship between a husband and wife, and divorce is the most abhorrent act in Allah’s eyes.

There is a narration from our 6th Imam a.s which says:  ‘Among that which Allah has made permissible there is nothing He hates more than divorce and Allah hates a man who divorces and marries many women’

Dear sister, in this limited world of finite resources, it is not possible for a human to achieve all his/her unlimited wants.

Islam tells us that those people who were not able to achieve their dreams in this world, due to their submission to Islamic laws, will be rewarded abundantly(beyond imagination) in the next world.

If you sacrifice your wants to save a relationship from breaking for the sake of Allah, there is NO DOUBT, He will reward you with better in both worlds.

Sukaina Taqawi