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Can a syed girl marry a boy who belongs to ahle sunnah


Aoa ,

i belong to a syed family and i want to marry a boy who belongs to ahle sunnah , he was not shia but after me he want to know each and evrything about shiat mazhaab, he is ready to go to majalis and do collect information about our mazhab , he is willing to follow our teachings and want to know our beliefs , our parents aare known about this but are not ready to get us in this nikkah , my mother says this everytime that this nikkah will not be halal , i dont agree with this NIKKAH ie halal with concent of both (girl and boy) and if both are ahle kitab , i want to know if we want to do nikkah without letting our parents know it, because they are not ready for it , and for the purpose of not doings sins and avoiding every single even if it is small (talking to eachother) we want to make this relation pure and with which ALLAH is satisfied , is this possible for a girl to sign  nikkah papers without concent of his gaurdian or his father , should nikkah be done ? Or is there any prohibtation regarding concent of girls fathere is mandatory for nikkah to be done

waiting for the answer , jazakALLAH


Walikum salam

Thank you for your question.

According to Islamic laws, if a girl is virgin, she has to obtain permission from her father or Paternal Grand father for her marriage(this is obligatory). Otherwise, the marriage (Nikah) is not in order.
And if she is not virgin, she can marry without their consent.

Risalah Of Ayatullah Sistani :-
Chapter twenty-seven » Conditions of a marriage contract – Islamic Laws – The Official Website of the Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani
Ruling 2389. A marriage contract must fulfil the following conditions [in order for it to be valid]: 1. based on obligatory precaution, the formula must be said in Arabic. If the man or the woman are unable to say the formula in Arabic, they can say it in a language other than Arabic, and it is not necessary that they appoint an agent; however, they must use words that convey the meaning of …

It is also not permissible for the girl to get married without her fathers/ paternal grandfathers permission.
The Nikah in this case will be void

AAA under the guidance of Naajiya Jaffery.