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Can A shia Girl marry a sunni Boy?


As Salam o alaikum! Can a marriage between shiya girl and sunni boy happen? I am in relation with a boy since 7 years. I have my family support .We are trying to convince his parents for our marriage. But his family doesn’t allow him. We had physical relation too. But we really want to marry each other. His family doesn’t allow him to marry a shiya girl because there is a great difference between shiya and suni. How can we we marry each other? How can we convince his parents? Can we do secret nikah to avoid sin.Please answer my question. And suggest a solution of this problem.


Waalykum salam

thank you for your Question

So the ruling is that a Shia boy is allowed to marry a sunnI BUT IF there is any fear of his/her beliefs being in danger, then the marriage is not permissible.

Also, your relation so far is Haram and Allah (az) doesn’t recognize it at all.
It Is a very important decision one must make his/her choices wisely. You may also want to think as to what will happen to your children in the future. What faith will they believe in?

Keeping all this mind, I hope you’re able to make the best decision.
Also, a girl needs her father or paternal grandfathers permission to marry but a man doesn’t. However, I really insist you seek some counseling for yourselves

Good luck
AAA team under the guidance of N.S.Jaffery