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Can a muslim worship idols just to show the solidarity for the Hindus



I happened to watch below video where a well known politician is worshipping idols just to show the solidarity for the Hindus. Please guide if its allowed in islam to perform such act for the sake of solidarity.
Also please let me know if there is any fatwa for such Muslims that if they remain Muslims after such act or become munkir.
hope to get answer soon.

Warm Regards,
Alyas Malik


Wa Alaykum al-salam Brother

Thank you for your question.

Under no title can a Muslim worship idol. It is not permissible. Solidarity does not mean that a person has to believe in others religion or carry out their worship rituals. Rather, it is to let them have the freedom to express their faith and should have no threat from us as Muslims. for if he has done it unknowingly should repent and not repeat.

His action does not denounce him from his faith nor does entitle him as those who deny their own faith.

Iltimase Dua.