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Making dua for marriage


Assalamu Alaikum
1 – Can a girl make dua for marrying a particular man? It is said that our spouse has been chosen during the day Allah created us.. if that’s true means then how our dua will change that?
2 – can a girl make dua for marrying a non muslim? What if the person is really a good hearted, kind hearted man but a non muslim? Can we make dua to Allah to make the man i like to convert to Islam? Will Allah make the man convert to Islam? Is it halal to ask Allah this kind of dua? Is it halal to like a man who is really very good person but not a muslim?



Alaykum salaam

1) You can make dua to marry a particular person.

2) A Muslim girl cannot marry a non-Muslim boy, but there is no problem in praying for the guidance of a non-Muslim, unless it becomes clear that they have firmly chosen to be a non-Muslim.

May you always be successful