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Can a mother have Custody rights to raise her children?


Salam alaikum. If a woman remarries in order to have a good muslim role model for her children does she lose all rights to have her children. If her mother and exes mother are not muslim, her sisters and exes sisters wouldnt be able to raise the children as well as the mother could being remarried or not, and the father is not practicing and is remarried to a non muslim, is the mother allowed to keep custody of the children if she remarries if she is more capable of raising them on the right path and everyone involved agrees she can keep custody?


Waalaykum al-Salam
Thank you for your question

The holy prophet (saww) says:

الإسلام يَعْلوا و لايُعْلي عليه
Meaning: Islam is exalted and nothing is more exalted than that

Hence, You certainly can have custody of your children because you are a Muslimah and also their mother. However, the custody of the children is with the Father after the age of seven. It’s best you speak to your ex-husband and agree on their custody.

May Allah bless you with the best to raise your children in the way that HE likes.