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Can a mother complete her Iddah at her son


Assalamualaikum, My self Nyamatulla M Patel, My father expired on 12/03/2019 in Bijapur Karnataka India, As I am working in Belgaum Karnataka Indian which 200km away from the place where my father expired. As there is nobody else in Bijapur who can come and stay with my mother, so can I take my mother along with me to the place where I am working so that she can complete her remaining days of Iddah in my home.
So request you to give answer to situation in the light of Quraan and Hadith.


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question.

According to our ulema , a woman can go out in her iddah.

Therefore in your case it is okay for you to take your mother to your place.

Ruling 2536. It is unlawful (ḥarām) for a woman who is observing the ʿiddah of a widow to wear clothes that are an adornment (zīnah), or to apply kohl, or to do something else that would be considered an adornment. However, leaving the house is not unlawful for her.

Sukaina Taqavi