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Assalamoalaikum, Alhamdolillah I am a 52 years old very well established doctor and a married man. We live happily in the UK but we have a problem that needs your help. My wife has a 37 years old sister who lives independently and on her own in Pakistan. Their parents have died few years back and have a brother who lives in Dubai. She never had anyone who ever showed interest to marry her and because there is no one to sort this issue, my wife is always worried and concerned, especially with the every day problems in Pakistan. It makes me concerned as well. I have always looked after their family especially after when their parents passed away. I am sorry that I ask this question but this is a sincere query and with sincere application to follow : Does Islam allow me to marry my sister in law ? ( I hope you dont angry on this matter ). Please inform. Thanks


Salam Alaykum,

As per the Islamic Laws of Ayatollah Syed Sistani:

2399. If a man marries a woman (whether the marriage be permanent or temporary) he cannot marry her sister, as long as she is his wife.

Irfan D