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Can a Human take an Animal form?



I am 29 years old Software Engineer.
My question might seem a bit silly but, I am sure I witnessed some strange things around me. I had a friend who kept talking about Jins always, he made predictions about people’s past and future and to my surprise he was mostly right with his predictions. He kept himself lonely most of the time and always said Allah blessed him special things. He was my age and I was among one of his few friends. One day he was upset with me and he called me to meet him, I went to meet him he stared into my eyes and drank water reading some Arabic ayahs while drinking water. He started screaming at me and I saw him turning into an animal, now to be precise I doubted my eyes, my ears, and every sense of me. I wanted to apologise and walk away from him because I was scared to death, but I swear on Allah I couldn’t talk or walk I felt like something or someone was holding me back. I tried talking but my mouth was just shut by some force. He kept screaming at me and I couldn’t utter a word. I dont know if he made me that way using his Jins or is it even possible or did he really had some powers? Does Allah grant people such super natural powers. I don’t want to reveal that guys name but as for me, I am an intelligent educated guy who doesn’t believe in anything without any proof and I can’t be fooled easily. So for me this incident was completely shocking and I could never share or ask anyone about it because I knew people won’t believe me. I was not very Islamic before this but, after this I came close to Allah started offering Namaz regularly and I feel safe now. Honestly I was scared and no longer friends with that Guy, but sometimes I am not able to sleep the whole incident keeps flashing back in my mind. I just can’t understand how is it possible? Please help me get out of it? I shared this only with my Mother and she just said “It was Allah’s way of bringing you close to him” Is it?


Alaykum Salaam

This is indeed a strange experience. You do not mention what happened
immediately after the occurrence, did you discuss it with him? Without his
input iit Is not possible to understand exactly what it was that you saw.

All I can say is that your mother has a point, sometimes we can take these
experiences and come closer to God and that is good.

With duas

Abbas Jaffer