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Possibility For Divorce


Aslam o alekum …

my name is aisha i have question regarding my elder sisiter tahira who is going through tough time of her life she is a doctor and almost one year back she got nikkafaied through arrange rishta the guy doing job in behrain

now the guy show no interest in my sis ignoring her when ever they talk he says he is very liberal drinking smoking clubing eating haram switch wife is common for him and she should become liberal and show no respect for her

when ever we ask for ruksati he start explaining his job problems and all now after one year they even dont show any interest in rusakti always want some time by saying that he has job problems now my sis fedup with this relationship he doesnt show any care towards her she when ever called or messaged him he ignore and doesnt reply what should we do now, is asking for divorce is haram in that case …because he show no interest in ruksati?



Alaykum Salaam

If he is totally ignoring her, please make one official request with the elders of both families present to ask what is the intention going forward.

If that does not get any response then she can approach a scholar for divorce

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer