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Buying from Ahmedi grocery store


My mother wants to buy a few daily use stuff from a Ahmedi store which she cant find at other grocery stores near her house in canada. I take her to that Ahmedi’s grocery store. My father is not happy with this as giving business to a Qaadiyani is not permissible in islam but i still take my mom once in a month or two because she feels happy and satisfied after getting her stuff. Please let me know is it fine if i take my mother to ahmedi grocery store in order to make her happy


Salam Alaykum Va Rahmatullah

Doing business with Qadianis are not allowed due to their Irtidad, according to Ayatullah Sistani. However some Ahmadied who believe he wasn’t a prophet or Imam and He was just an Alim with new opinions are not Mortad and it is ok to do business with them.

Best regards!
Sheikh Madani.