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Business Which May Require Sale of Beer


Salam, I know there are a lot of related topics out there about this, but i havent come across anything solid online from my shia fiqh. I have an apportunity to avail a business ( gas station) with store front which sells various items including beer. I am not sure if that income is something i can separate and spend it else where on charity or so on… or just drop the idea of owning such a business.


Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem

Wa-Alaykum As Salaam

There is no problem in running a business such as a store or gas station.  However, the selling of forbidden items (harram items) is not permitted.  Things that are najis such as alcohol have no intrinsic value Islamically (ie $0 value) and can not be bought or sold.  So if you are to buy that shop, then you can not sell the beer, you would literally need to dispose of it.  You can not sell it then donate that money to charity, as the act of selling it in itself is forbidden.
So in summary: You may run the shop, however, you would need to remove the forbidden items (beer, forbidden magazines, etc) and Insha-Allahﷻ your sustenance will be with Allahﷻ and customers will come to buy from you what is permitted, and those who want to buy what is forbidden can go elsewhere!
S.L. Al-Hakim