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My question is, i work for a hotel chain as a manager of one of the hotels. The pricing of the rooms rent per night is done by the decision of the manager of the hotel (so me). This job is going good Alhumdulillah. On the other hand, I have set up a company which takes group bookings from abroad etc for accommodation. My question is that the price I agree with travel company for rooms is lets say £75 per night and I keep them at the hotel where I work for £65 per night (as I am the one who agrees the hotel price, which the owner of the hotel will not interfere in as long as its a good rate) is this permissible?



Waalaykum Salaam,

If there is contractual limitations (such as conflict of interest clauses) with your work that you are breaching there is no problem in it.

S.L Al-Hakim