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Broken Promise


Aslam o alaikum I have a question and need some guidence in sha Allah. My father who is suffering with dementia made a promise to his mother my grandmother that he will financially look after his brother my uncle after she (my grandmother) passed away. He did so for about 13 years or so after she(grand)mother passed away. Then my uncle started to use the money my father was sending him to live on to start court cases against us. So my father stopped sending him this financial help. It has been around 8 years or so since the payments were stopped. In these 8 years we have had so much bad happening in our family. Could this be the reason for all the bad as i read namaz and quran, give zakat and sadaqaat etc but there is no sakoon in the family. Can you please advise if the payment should be re continued to my uncle and could the stopping of payments be the reason why there is so much bad in our family. Jazakallah heir…may Allah guide us in the right direction Ameen

Waalykum salam..
For your query I called the office of Sayyid Sistani and they said:
“It is not necessary on your to pay for your dad’s brother. You’re not obliged to”
But if you feel that it is something that is bothering you in the inside, and are also sure that your uncle is not going to invest that help against you then you can start giving him money again..
If not, you’re not obliged to do it..
Kind regards,