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Bribing In Business


I was unemployed for the last 2 years , then i started a business of a health club in november 2014.

Electricity cost is too expensive in Pakistan and in winter 25 percent of my monthly sale goes to the electricity and iam running my business in a rental place,,

Iam afraid of the summer season because 50 percent of my sale will go to the electricty bills.

People telling me to give some bribe to the electricity department officials to get rid of the expensive cost of electricity,,

My monthly sale is 75 thousand and iam paying 24 thousand rent and giving 8 thousand labor to the person i hired,,

Help me out , Iam very disappointed.



I can understand the your situation and frustration BUT our scholars wouldn’t allow such a thing. Basically, by bribing someone you are making a loss to the entire nation which couldn’t be justified at any cost.

Quran says:

“And eat up not one another’s property unjustly, nor give bribery to the rulers that you may knowingly eat up a part of the property of others sinfully.” (2:188)

There are numerous hadith on the prohibition of the bribery. The prophet of Islam is reported to have said:

Allah has cursed the person giving and receiving the bribe. (Bihar al Anwar, Vol. 101 Pg. 274)

Kumail Rajani