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breaking a marriage promise


I am a 21 year old university (Level 200) student. I made a promise to a sister that am going to marry her when am done with my studies. She is also as young as i am in a different college. We sometimes communicate through the phone. I want to change my decision but i am afraid i will be breaking a promise i made. Well, i am reviewing the decision to have some space and time (I have too much financial disturbances from her). I just want to be move away by making my decision clear but am afraid of leaving my promise hanging. Need some advice please.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
According to Islamic laws, Na Mahram  should not have any relation with one another. Your relation with this sister is Haram and should be anyways nullified because of the same.
Ethically a promise should always be kept. And in this case, since you promised to be life partner earlier on, it is only fair to let her know what your stand in life is. Be it something as simple and lay as finance! (assuming you’re sending an official proposal after paragraph one)
Your straight and polite communication will open new horizons for both of you. If she then finds it difficult to understand you, then maybe the relation was never meant to be.

Good luck

Naajiya Jaffery