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Breaking a commitment



My question is to seek advice about what to do in the situation in which I am stuck because I am worried and going in depression because of this.
The situation is that I requested a person to help me out by doing a favor to me. That person agreed to do that favor/ work on the condition that when my work will be successfully done, I will have to do that person’s work in return. I agreed to the condition and made a commitment/ promise.
When that person did favor to me doing my work and requested me to fulfill my commitment which I made, I totally backed out and didn’t fulfill my commitment. The reason was I didn’t find that action which I had to do to fulfill my commitment to be ethical.
Now, that person got extremely hurt and said that I lied and I am liar since that person fulfilled the commitment as per agreement but i didn’t fulfill my commitment. Also due to this issue, my terms with that have been badly affected. I have already apologized to that person but that person did not forgive me for breaking my commitment.
Please advise me that in this situation what should I do? If I don’t fulfill my commitment which I made, that person will not forgive me. And if that person doesn’t forgive me, Allah will not forgive me as well.
On the other hand, if I fulfill my commitment which I still can, that person will forgive me but I have fear that whether Allah will forgive me for doing an un-ethical task.
I am badly stuck and I need advice on what should I do in this situation.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Breaking away from a commitment and promise is disliked by Allah (swt)
However if keeping the promise means to go against HIM (swt) it is not only Forbidden but also not counted as a promise in the first place.

We should be careful as to what we are committing to.

May you always be successful InshaAllah
Naajiya Jaffery