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Break up my engagement


My parents did engagement without asking me in outside family without showing girl picture. Now when i got this news i asked fir girl picture and her details so i find it out that she is 39 years old and i am 28 and i didn’t like her by her face. It is totally wrong. Some how my parents agreed became with me to break this engagement but the girl family says that they will kill me. Everyday they are threatening to us that be ready for the marriage. I am doing labor job in Dubai. I am really weak to fight with them. Please make some spell or something thing that they themselves break this engagement. Please note that Nikah didn’t Happen only engaged.


Alaykum Salaam


Such situations do not require spells or such things. Since you have not married her, you will have to explain to them that you are not ready for this marriage. Maybe you can use an elder person to help you.


I pray that this task becomes easy for you.


Kind regards


Abbas Jaffer