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Books of Logic, Intellect & Reasoning



1.kindly tell me the books of logic and reasoning which help in making right choices and effective use of intellect?

2.In order to find out reasoning about different religions and to choose best based on intellect what steps of gaining knowledge must be used? Kindly answer as soon as possibe Thanks.


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question.

1)     Some of the books of logic studied in the hawza are (in order of difficulty)

 I)                 Khulasa al-Mantiq by Abu al-Hadi al-Fadhili
II)               Al-Mantiq written by Muhammad Rida Muzaffar
III)              Al-Jawhar al-Nadhid fi Sharh Mantiq al-Tajrid by Allamah Hilli
IV)             The Burhan section of al-Shifa by Ibn Sina

2)     Understanding the intellectual underpinnings of different religions in any kind of depth is a task that requires some time, ability and effort. In the Islamic sciences the traditional way is to study logic and Islamic philosophy. After these disciplines have been sufficiently mastered the student can enter the field of comparative philosophy and may have the ability to appraise each religion fairly and effectively. The Qur’an is also a primary source for comparative religion and critiques important philosophical underpinnings of religions especially Judaism and Christianity and its analysis speaks to all levels of the intellect.

May you be successful.

‘Abd All.. Esmail