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If I make dua will Allah help me in my career ?


Assalam Alikum
I want to ask whether my dua will be accepted or can I make dua in which I ask allah to help me out in my bodybuilding career. Well this sport is not completely halal because some part of legs above knees will be exposed. Although there are some divisions in which you can completely cover. Competitions only last for 15 min and it comes after two years. All other things are halal according to my research on it plus bodybuilders are not paid so no earning from it .


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

I’m not very sure if I understood your Question correctly,

Body building is not haram. If you feel the dress code in unethical, than you can certainly look for more decent ones and choose those for Comeptetions.

Good luck
Naajiya Jaffery