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Blood seen in Women


Assakam o Alaikum. I just wanted to ask i have missed my periods. Which is a common thing. But I have a copper coil fitted which sometimes 1 or 2 days r up or the periods start early. And then heavier periods in this coil. It has been about 10 days they haven’t come. How since 2 days I’m kind of getting spotting. Family members r worried that it may b a miscarriage . I have spoken to my sis in law who is a gynacholegist. She has said to test out etc. Now I want to knw if i should be praying or not. Because I’m scared I don’t want them getting qadah. JazakiALLAH


Waalaykum Salaam,
This does not seem to be Haidh (period) as you describe. The following masa’alah can help you understand the conditions of Haidh (

446. The period of Hayz is not less than 3 days and not more than 10 days and if the period during which blood is discharged falls short of 3 days even by a small measure of time, that blood will not be considered as Hayz.

447. The blood of Hayz flows continuously for the first 3 days. Therefore, if blood is seen for 2 days and then interrupted for 1 day and then seen again for 1 day, it will not be Hayz.

So if the blood seen isn’t Haidh then it’s called istihadha. Rulings on Istihadha:

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