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Blood seen in Women


Assakam o Alaikum. I just wanted to ask i have missed my periods. Which is a common thing. But I have a copper coil fitted which sometimes 1 or 2 days r up or the periods start early. And then heavier periods in this coil. It has been about 10 days they haven’t come. How since 2 days I’m kind of getting spotting. Family members r worried that it may b a miscarriage . I have spoken to my sis in law who is a gynacholegist. She has said to test out etc. Now I want to knw if i should be praying or not. Because I’m scared I don’t want them getting qadah. JazakiALLAH


Waalaykum Salaam,
This does not seem to be Haidh (period) as you describe. The following masa’alah can help you understand the conditions of Haidh (Menstruation (ḥayḍ))

446. The period of Hayz is not less than 3 days and not more than 10 days and if the period during which blood is discharged falls short of 3 days even by a small measure of time, that blood will not be considered as Hayz.

447. The blood of Hayz flows continuously for the first 3 days. Therefore, if blood is seen for 2 days and then interrupted for 1 day and then seen again for 1 day, it will not be Hayz.

So if the blood seen isn’t Haidh then it’s called istihadha. Rulings on Istihadha: Laws of istiḥāḍah

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