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Blood less than a Dirham Is not najis


Salamun Alaikum
I have read on Ayatollah Sistani’s website that if we bleed and the blood is less than the area of upper joint of thumb(dirham) then the blood does not make body and clothes najis. I follow Ayatollah Khamenei, does Ayatollah Khamenei also approve this law?


Salaamun alaykum
Blood is always najis. The ruling you mentioned is one of the cases where if the blood that has made the body or clothing najid is less than a dirham, then you can pray namaz with the same clothing and there is no need to make it pure and then pray. But this does not mean blood is not najis.👇

if the amount of blood that has made his body or clothing impure is less than a dirham. Based on obligatory precaution, a dirham is equal to the size of the upper joint of the thumb;

Ayatullah khamenei’s ruling is the same as ayatullah sistanis,👇

The Body Becoming Najis during Prayer
Q: What must one do if, during prayer, blood pours out from one’s nose (or from elsewhere in the body)? Ought one immediately to cut off one’s prayer?
A: Assuming it is possible to rinse (and effectively purify) the affected area without affecting the external appearance of the prayer, rinsing becomes necessary. Otherwise, if there remains ample time, one must cancel one’s prayer and say it again having a pure body. If, however, the time for prayer is restricted, one ought to finish one’s prayer in that state [of najāsah] and the prayer will be deemed valid. The above rulings apply to situations where the area of blood spilled is greater than the size of a dirham (or the like); otherwise, if it is less, then such bleedings will be unproblematic in relation to one’s prayer.

Zahra Davdani.