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Bismillah Written on Invitation Cards



We have the option of printing bismillah on invitation cards . But these are printed in 000’s & distributed to many muslims/non muslims sometimes

Is it preferred to print this or better to avoid?


Majority of people write Bismillah and Quranic verses on wedding cards. This is a common trend. Apparently it’s because they want to “start” in the name of Allah. I am not in favour of this practice as wedding cards are disposed after being read once or twice. The recipient has to tear out the Quranic verses before throwing the card out. If this step is forgotten or ignored, the card ends up in trash with the verses.

Besides, a truly islamic wedding starts  with  Nikkah… If you want Allah’s blessing, following  the guidelines by the HolyProphet and the Ahlulbayt is the best way one could attain it..….otherwise it’s best if one avoids getting it printed….

Hasina Dhalla