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Best way to Make my relation Halal.


Aoa. There is a particular person I want to get married.He needs some time to get settled however scholars say that still it’s better to get the nikkah done.So is it appropriate for me to supplicate that Allah plz get my nikkah done by today or should it be instead that Allah get my nikkah done as soon as possible at your perfect time.I know that if Allah wills He will get my nikkah done even today but still I feel that it would be not a good way.But then I feel as if I am weak at my Iman.


Asalamu alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

So, the best way to solve this would be to ask him to bring a decent proposal. once your families have met, InshaAllah they can arrange the Nikah to be read so that you are Mahram. Because any relation with a non Mahram is Haram. Marriage can be done when you both of you are ready.

hope this was useful,