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Best Names For Children



My question is

1) a hadith says Abdurahman and Abdullah are most dear names to Almighty. Did any of our imams name their childeren abdullah or abdurahman

2) any other hadith which proves ali fatima hassan hussain are dear names to Almighty

3) any hadith recommending names like ali .. muhammad.. hassan hussain


Alaykum Salaam

Imam Ali (A), Imam al-Hasan (A) and Imam al-Husain (A) all had sons named Abdullah and so did several other Imams (A).

I could not find the name Abd al-Rahman for any children of the Imam (A) but this name has been recommended by the Prophet (S) for male children in several ahadith.

The best names for  children according to tradition are names that denote the worship of God, the names of the Prophets (A) and names of the Imams (A) for males and the names of their lady family members, especially Janabe Zahra (A) for girls

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer