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Being Forced to Marry a girl by parents


Hi My question is about my friends (male) who is being forced to marry this girl that he does not like and his Nikkah is in two weeks He is 100% sure that he is not going to be happy as he loves someone else (divorced girl with a child ) he wants to marry her and accept her but his family won’t accept the girl because of the child He has begged his parents and he has begged the girl who his family has picked to call this nikkah off but no one is listening and being very horrible and cruel to him, he’s crying to everyone and even allah to help him out of this situation. His family had said that he will have to walk out of the house and leave if he breaks the Nikkah and there is no other option He has told his family in very clear words that if you force I promise I will divorce the girl but still nobody cares. Please can you advise on what he should do?


Waalaykum Salam

Sorry to hear about your friends situation.
The only thing I can suggest is that he should speak to his local Aalim and or an elderly who his family would listen to and put forward his want and concern
InshaAllah it is resolved