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Beating the oppressors when they get on your nerves


AOA, I hope this question finds you in good health.
In Islam there are the rights of Allah and the rights of people and obviously we know how to be forgiven when we violate anyone of the two.

And so I would understand that it’s wrong to beat up an innocent person as it’d be a violation of their rights and to be forgiven, one must seek their forgiveness before seeking Allah’s forgiveness. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Ok, moving forward.

I’ve had cases in my life in which I’ve been, not in a physical way, but more of a psychological way been tortured and I’ve had to retaliate physically in order to stop.

And please know that these people had a vicious and a hateful attitude towards me and I tolerated to the point where I basically snapped.

So Sheikh, there have been times where I lashed out at these people, including verbally but also physically at times. Also one more thing Sheikh, whenever I beat the unfair people, I never crossed the line. I always stopped very quickly and once I remember that I didn’t fight it would be unfair. Like Sheikh, it would be like Allah would tell me to stop after a certain point. So it’s not like I made the other person bleed or anything serious at all iA, may Allah protect us.
I understand that what I did wasn’t exactly ideal but I also know that iA I didn’t do anything to an innocent person. Allah knows and I know that those people were being unfair. So please tell me whether what I did was right or not. If it was right, I don’t intend to repeat it. And if it was wrong, then please tell me how do I seek forgiveness for it. Do I only have to apologize to Allah or do I also have to apologize to the people, who clearly were oppressors?


Alaikum salam

Its good to see you are concerned on not trespassing the rules set by Al Mighty Allah.

You can take  retributory punishment (qisas) but it should not be more then what they did to you. So, if they tortured you mentally then you are only allowed to hurt them mentally to the same extent.

There  is another Islamic ruling which says that when you hurt some one physically and that part of the body gets red(provided that there is no serious damage like wound, bones getting broken)you have to pay blood money (Diya) too.

As a result,  you have to apologize to them. And if any of their body part  had gone red then, apology should be in a manner that it  is mentioning this aspect too due to which if they forgive, then you don’t have to pay blood money.(other wise blood money should be paid too).

Then asking forgiveness from Allah(SWT) will be more helpful.

For  upcoming events in life:

As mentioned, we are allowed by Islam to retaliate (with in parameters )but do remember we will be forgiven to the same extent we had forgiven others.(Hadith from Wasail).

We also suggest you seek some counseling and get control on your thoughts. At times, people enjoy bothering others just because,those that they bother get bothered! Best answer at times is nothing but silence.

Imam Ali (as) says: “Silence is the best reply to a fool.”

The big idea here is that you do not need to retaliate to everything said. try and learn the skills of keeping silence and shoving away ill words by others.

Hope this helps you.

AAA under the guidance of Syed Asad Jamal Zaidi