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Balance between well-being of the soul and the body


How can we balance between the well-being of the soul and the body, without neglecting one or the other? Because I have at times really focused on one while neglecting the other almost completely.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

If we act upon the Islamic teachings about the soul and the body, that means we have maintained the balance between them.

If we take care of the obligatory and forbidden things, our souls will be strengthened, and by not eating forbidden things, we will have a healthier body.

Also, the medical recommendations in Islamic traditions are good for the body to follow.

Therefore, a person along with the soul, must take care of his body as well. Islam never says to neglect the body and just worry about the soul, rather Islam gives importance to both, while the soul is superior. If a person doesn’t take care of the body, it would be difficult to concentrate on the spiritual acts.

If we look at the lives of mystics(Urafa) who have really worked hard in spirituality and gained spiritual levels, we see that they really take care of their body. They see what and from where they eat, as every single meal can affect the soul. It is the wrong concept some people may have, that the mystics(Urafa) don’t take care of their bodies and just worry about their souls. No, rather they take care of their bodies more than us as we may eat anything which can affect the soul.

Eat as much it is required and follow the footsteps of the Quran and Ahlul Bayt(as).

Who are Ahlul Bayt(as):

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider