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bad thoughts disturbing prayers


I am 22 year old guy,i am suffering from one mental disorder called obsessive compulsive disorder,my main problem is When i started doing salah i am getting frequent bad thoughts and bad words going around my head.I really never mean those thoughts,but it is coming only while I started praying,My psychiatrist diagnosed it is one kind of ocd,i am taking medication for this problem,I am praying all the time but this bad thoughts disturbing my prayers, will allah accept my prayers because I never ever mean those things,Please kindly help me regarding this


Salamun Alaykum

Regarding your query, since it is something that isn’t in your control and nor do you mean it it doesn’t effect the acceptance of your prayers.
However in order to help it go away, try to stay away from anything that would trigger such words and thoughts like controlling what you see, read etc. in your everyday life. You can also seek Allah’s help before starting your prayers and ask Him to help keep these thoughts from coming to you during prayers.