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I live in a joint family with my inlaws and a major problem that i face in the relationship with my mother in law or other sisters in law is the issue of gossiping and backbiting, which i try to actively avoid and i try to keep my extra interactions to a minimal in order to avoid such gossip. But there are times when I’m sitting with them and they will start gossiping and sometimes i just get up and leave but sometimes they address me directly and i find it extremely difficult to handle this situation. I usually deal with this by expressing minimal interest or looking as uncomfortable as possible. I have even advised my mother in law a few times that backbiting is haram and she should avoid it but it hasnt made a difference and i believe that reiterating my stance any more than this may cause friction within the family and cause me more harm than good. So what should i do in this case? I try to generally warn against backbiting but it’s not really seen as a major issue. With my own mother i am able to press my point more forcefully but its not so easy with my inlaws. How do i go about this situation?
Jazakallah khair


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question.

If the amount of blood left on your body and clothes is less than a thumb print then there is no problem in praying with that amount of blood even though that does not mean the blood is pak.

May you always be successful.
Zoheir Ali