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Attributes of Supporters of Holy Prophet in Surah Fath


What are the 5 important attributes of those who are the supporters and followers of the Holy prophet mentioned in surah Fath.


I assume you are looking for this verse of Surat al Fath: 48:29

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and (the ones) who are with him are strict against the steadfast disbelievers, constantly merciful among themselves. You see them constantly bowing themselves, (and) constantly prostrating themselves, seeking Grace from Allah and all-blessed Satisfaction. Their mark is on their faces, (being) the trace of prostration; that is their likeness in the Tawrah; (the Book revealed to Musa (Moses), of which the extant Torah is a corruption) and their likeness in the Injil (The Book revealed to clea (Jesus), of which the extant Gospel is a corruption) is as a plantation that brings out its shoot; then it upholds it; then it grows stout; then it matures level upon its stalks, wonderful to the diligent planters, that through them He may enrage the steadfast disbelievers. Allah has promised the ones of them who have believed and done deeds of righteousness forgiveness and a magnificent reward.

Kumail Rajani