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Tough times


How do I know if the tough times in my life are a test or a punishment?
If I don’t have strong connection with Allah and something bad happens in my life and then I turn to Allah because of that worldly matter will my prayers still be accepted?


Wa alaykum salaam

1-It is not possible to distinguish whether the tough times in one’s life are tests or punishment.
A human being is not perfect and in this journey towards perfection he/she tends to make a lot of mistakes.
The hardships we face can have both factors in them (tests and punishment) as both take one closer to perfection.
For further information refer to the following link:

Tough times – Test or Punishment

2-Allah says in sura Baqarah I fulfill the duas of my servants when they call me and ask me.
It is Allah who bestows His bounties to all human beings whether they are Muslims or non Muslims.
He grants them even when they don’t ask.
We should ask ourselves; all the good things we have, all the bounties we are surrounded with where are they from?
Despite of our disobedience to Allah due to which we don’t deserve His mercy He is very kind to us and has never denied us His blessings and bounties.
Therefore there is no doubt, Allah is kind to all human beings and more kind to His special servants.

Sukaina Taqawi.