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Are Tattoos lslamically Haram


I have heard my whole life that getting tattoos is haram. The reasoning doesn’t make sense to me. It is not specifically written in the Quran, but people assume it is haram, because it is changing your appearance, but if you think of it that way cutting your hair and getting ear piercings would be labeled haram too. Also it is said it gives pain, but honestly a lot of other things like getting shots at the doctor or other small things could also cause pain but those aren’t labeled haram. Also if the tattoo is located in a place where it is not shown with the hijab than it wouldn’t be shown as attraction so that doesn’t make sense. Also the claim that u can’t do wudduh with it; there’s hasn’t been a legit experiment with that. Again they are assuming. The ink doesn’t stay on top of the skin, it mixes into the skin. So therefore you are able to perform wudduh. Those are my reasonings. I am very curious. Please help me out.


Salaam Alaykum,

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